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About Us

We are uxmStore, an online store for everyone. All kind of variety, kurta shalwars, jeans, jacket, glasses, watches, accessories and many more for Male, Femal & Kids.

Visit our store and find your suitable products

1 - Female: Dresses & Accessories
2 - Male: Dresses & Accessories
3 - Kids: Dresses & Accessories
4 - Home: Products & Accessories
5 - Office: Products & Accessories
6 - Vehicles: Products & Accessories
7 - Others: Products & Accessories


About Us

We are Cooknowledge™, a premium catering and kitchen management services.  

On-site cafeteria & gourmet services; to customized event catering, cookery and consultancy services to wide array of clientele base including (banks, corporate multinationals & educational intuitions) located  across Islamabad & Lahore.

Cooknowledge™ provides dedicated team of chefs and catering professionals to each of it’s client.  Our hallmark are high training standards synergized with attention to details bringing out originality and uniqueness in all of our offerings. 

Consultancy Services

About Us

We provide Consultancy Services in following areas.

1 - Business Consultancy

2 - Formation of Company (PVT/AOP/SP)

3 - Tax Consultancy (Income & GST)

4 - Office Automation (Procedure & Implementation)

5 - Social Media Impact on your business

6 - Website & Logo Designing

7 - Trade Mark Registration

Wahaab Enterprises

About Us

We are Wahaab Enterprises, deals in following sector.

1 - Diesel Generators (New & Used)

2 - DG Set Maintenance

3 - DG Set Spare Parts

4 - Filters (All Kinds)

5 - ATS Panel

6 - Solar Systems

7 - UPS System


Not every ones budget can accommodate purchasing a new Gen-set, fortunately we offer slightly used Gen-sets which are as good as new.

Our technicians go over every inch of each used Gen-set and rate it according to merit. We check the engine, the alternator, the radiator, the self starter, the battery dynamo, we check for leaks, we check the coupling etc and then finally we check the Gen-set on load and ensure that it is able to handle loads according to its rating.

Only those Gen-sets which are deemed highly reliable and in genuine condition are recommended by us. Any shortcomings are pointed out to the client, providing a transparent transaction. As a buyer, you deserve to know the exact condition of the Gen-set that you are about to purchase.

Don't want to take out a yearly maintenance contract? We offer emergency troubleshooting and repair services. Did your Gen-set break down inexplicably? Does it suffer from recurring problems? Our skilled mechanics will diagnose the problem and identify its actual root cause, before attempting any repairs. Our mechanics have the right amount of training combined with thousands of hours of first-hand experience in troubleshooting and successful repairs.